January 4, 2017

Lost Art #36: Centre Square, Easton PA

Happy New Year everybody!

I'm excited to have just finished the first Lost Art painting of 2017!  I'm in the States for the holidays, and as some of you know, I grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania, so it's fun for me when I'm back home to go around visiting some of the places I remember from my childhood and doing paintings there. This week I had the opportunity to get down to Easton, and I sat in front of the old Crayola factory, where I had a view of Centre Square, and painted on this flat screen TV I'd found abandoned on a post-Christmas curbside. I hope that somebody finds it and gives it a home. It's always special and exciting for me when I get to do something back here in PA, and I hope I get the chance to hear from somebody here who's found one of my paintings. So if you're in the area, or know someone who might be, please share!  I also hope you're all off to a great start of the year! And I look forward to doing a lot more painting when I'm back in Europe next week. Stay tuned!  

This painting, acrylic on found flat screen TV, 29" x 18", was left on the Centre Square in Easton PA, on January 4th, 2017 at 1:30pm.

If you have found this piece, please let me know in the comments!

Click here to View Lost Art #36 in a larger map

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